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Your ELBOW PAIN is NOT Coming From Your Elbow! | Fit Facts 25

In this episode Gabe and Brandon discuss the potential contributors of elbow pain. They go into why there can be multiple factors that contribute and how to go about dealing with it. Enjoy!

Gabe: IG: @fitnessunlocked_

Brandon: IG: @pascualperformance

Listen Here:

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: This is NOT medical advice, diagnosis, or any specific treatment for your pain. This podcast/video is for informational, entertainment, & educational purposes only. The recommendations in this video/podcast may or may NOT help your pain. There is always a risk with any involvement when starting any exercise program. Always consult your physician or any healthcare provider to know if any of these recommendations are appropriate for you. Reading this disclaimer shows you understand the risk and that you have consulted your physician before acting on any recommendations in this video/podcast.

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