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The Habits and Mindsets to Nourish your Body w/ Emily Willhoft, NBC-HWC, PN1-NC | Fit Facts 36

In this episode Brandon and Gabe sit down with Emily, an experienced nutrition coach who goes by @nutritioncoach.em on Instagram. Emily brings a wealth of expertise to the table, holding credentials as an NBC-HWC and PN1-NC. She not only serves as a group fitness coach at Performance 360 in Bay Park, San Diego, but also fulfills the role of their on-staff nutrition coach in addition to her private practice.

Join us as we delve into Emily's inspiring journey, exploring what led her to a career in nutrition and her profound insights into healing one's relationship with food. We also tackle the crucial topics of disordered eating and the often-overlooked disorder, 'orthorexia,' shedding light on the most common diet and lifestyle pitfalls she encounters in her practice. Tune in for a transformative conversation that could reshape your approach to nutrition and well-being.

Welcome to the home of the Fit Facts podcast. Fit facts is THE fitness podcast for applicable fitness truths, principles, and advice that can be quickly digested and applied to improve your workouts, your health and life! Hosted by Doctor of Physical therapy Brandon Pascual and NASM certified trainer Gabe Erno. This pod is all about delivering the best info in the most fun and engaging way to young professionals, entrepreneurs, and mom’s/ dads who have limited time but want to make fitness part of their life.

Emily: IG: @nutritioncoach.em

Gabe: IG: @fitnessunlocked_

Brandon: IG: @pascualperformance

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