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Mass Gain Nutrition Tips!

My client Trenton put on some serious size in the first couple of months training together. Since then he has continued to grow and make progress. Here are some key nutrition tips we implemented to allow him to achieve his goals.

Tip #1: Start by diligently tracking your calorie and protein intake – aim for a 500 calorie surplus daily. This will yield you approximately a lb of weight gained per week. When gaining mass is your main priority, this is a good starting point, but often times a higher surplus will be more fitting. Tip #2: Don't overlook the power of liquid calories – high-calorie smoothies and shakes are your secret weapon. They make it easier to hit that surplus. In addition, you want to avoid high- satiety foods in general. Anything that fills you up with minimal calories is not your friend when gaining the most amount of size possible is the goal. Nuts, Fatty meats, dairy, and more will be your go to during this time.

Tip #3: Never skip meals – consistency is the key to muscle growth. If you miss a meal, it's going to require a lot more filling meals later on and it will be harder to get all of that in. Keep these tips in mind and watch those gains stack up!

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