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Fitness is a Metaphor For Life | Fit Facts 31

In this New Episode of Fit Facts Brandon and Gabe talk about how fitness is a metaphor for life. The principles that allow success on your fitness journey are the same principles that allow success in all other areas of life. Listen as Gabe and Brandon speak about the principles that have helped them overcome challenges on both their fitness and personal journeys.

Welcome to the home of the Fit Facts podcast. Fit facts is THE fitness podcast for applicable fitness truths, principles, and advice that can be quickly digested and applied to improve your workouts, your health and life! Hosted by Doctor of Physical therapy Brandon Pascual and NASM certified trainer Gabe Erno. This pod is all about delivering the best info in the most fun and engaging way to young professionals, entrepreneurs, and mom’s/ dads who have limited time but want to make fitness part of their life.

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IG: @pascualperformance

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